Using AppleScript to modify stacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jul 10 12:16:36 CDT 2004

Kaveh Bazargan wrote:

> I need to send a message from Terminal to a stack, when a process is
> finished, so that the stack can start another job. For instance I want the
> hilite of a button to be set to true. Can I do this with AppleScript, and
> if so where can I find documentation?

Looking at Rev's AppleScript dictionary with Apple's AppleScript editor 
you'll find "do script" and "evaluate" are provided, which can provide 
the key to almost any behavior you want.

The "do script" command can be used to trigger custom handlers in your 
standalone, or just about anything else that could be done internally 
with the "do" command.

"evaluate" operates like a Transcript function: it evaluates a 
Transcript expression and returns the result.

Experiment with those and I think you may be pleased with what you can do.

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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