customKeys and how to address them

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Fri Jul 9 18:45:18 CDT 2004

Barry Levine wrote:
> Devin,
> Thanks for the assistance. I'm reproducing the few script lines that I found
> demonstrate the basic concept (in case there are others here who are as
> bamboozled as I was):
> get line 2 of the customKeys of fld 1
> put "answer the "& it &" of fld 1" into thePhrase
> do thePhrase
> That gets me the contents of the property. Apparently you have to use some
> indirection to get the -contents- of the custom property; why this is the
> case is beyond me. I'm a Hypercard kind of guy so I expect it all to be
> totally transparent. (*grin*)
> Again, thanks very much.

If you know the key in advance you can write (e.g., for a custom 
property named "uMyProp"):

   get the uMyPop of tMyObj

If you don't know the name in advance and need a bunch of such 
properties, remember that you can use a custom property set and access 
its keys with array notation -- if we assume the variable tVar contains 
"uMyProp" we can write:

   get the uMyProps[tVar] of tMyObj

Or you can index a custom property set by numbers:

   repeat with i = 1 to 10
     set the uMyProps[i] of tMyObj to "somevalue"
   end repeat

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