sponateneous purging of a backscript?

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Jul 9 13:53:59 CDT 2004

Hi Richard,

couple of things...

1) Jeanne's suggestion regarding changine the 'rev' prefix to something 
else would be my first fix attempt. If RR is walking through the 
backscripts and checking their owners, they could assume your backscript 
is theirs, and do whatever with it.

2) Consider moving your backscript into a subStack of RevNet and start 
using it. Perhaps backscripts are purged, but I've never seen an open 
stack purged (and I've done a lot of rev prefixed plugins;-)

3) This is a bit controversial idea...but consider not using 
backscripts, library stacks, or frontscripts in IDE plugins, unless you 
*have to*. Each of these 'play outside the sandbox' and can interfere 
with the IDE (you of course know this). All of my plugins which have 
frontScripts (potentially the most troublesome) also have a toggle to 
turn the frontScripts OFF. Course, when you close a plugin, the 
frontScripts are removed automatically.

That being said, altPluginToolbar does have a libraryStack, which is 
unique to it. I've never seen it interfere with anything, but you never 
know. I'll probably move it all up to the mainStack stack script 
sometime (as you are now doing as well), but as you know-- it's less 
efficient there.

Some of the comments above, I know you already know-- but are included 
for the sake of others who may stumble across this. One day I hope to 
grow up and be as good a coder as you. :-)



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