Tabkey and Positioning Cursor

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Jul 9 11:50:56 CDT 2004

Hi Tom

> I wrote about "send tabkey" giving a message that the handler couldn't 
> be found when it was part of the script. I need to make the cursor 
> appear in a field. The software makes a field visible for the user to 
> type in, but I don't want the user to have to click in there; I want 
> the cursor to just appear so the user is ready to go. It will say, 
> "Type your name and hit return." and the cursor will be blinking in 
> the field ready, but my old HC send tabkey doesn't work. There is 
> another unlocked field on the card.
> Thanks for helping!

no need for TABKEY .-)

try this:

   show fld xyz
   select before text of fld xyz

This will set the cursor to where you want it :-)

> Tom in Arizona


Klaus Major
klaus at

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