Pinyin display problem (may be a bug)

Elizabeth Dalton dalton_runrev at
Thu Jul 8 22:26:45 CDT 2004


When attempting to display pinyin (a romanization of Chinese) in a 
field, I encounter a spacing problem, in which vowels with tones appear 
to have an extra space before and after them, causing the word they are 
in to look very strange. For example, the word "jian" (see) looks like 
"ji a n". (There would be a grave accent over the "a", to indicate 4th 
tone in Mandarin, but I'm not going to try to include that in this post, 
because I think it would just get munged by Mailman.)

I have set the textFont of the text in question to "Hei,SimpleChinese". 
The text appears correctly other than the odd spacing.

I have seen a similar error in Microsoft Word. In that application, it 
was caused by a bug in handling pinyin as a double-byte character set 
and is fixed by a freeware patch. I suspect this behavior in RunRev is 
also caused by a bug in handling pinyin. Can anyone confirm or deny 
that? I'd just like to check before I file a bug.

I am using RunRev 2.2 on OSX 10.3.


Elizabeth Dalton

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