Call for Tutorial Topics

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Jul 8 22:20:05 CDT 2004

>> - A stack which can be used to control Lego Robots through the USB 
>> port (for "a student who wants to control robot behavior", and this 
>> would also address the USB issue), or, if the Lego version isn't 
>> where you want to go, a little stack about building and controlling a 
>> very simple robot from scratch using parts from Radio Shack and 
>> RunRev
> I made minischeme talk with the Lego RCX in 1999... I think I can make 
> Rev talk to the RCX as well, but I don't know the modern opcodes... 
> and was not thru USB it was from Serial connection... I use a serial 
> <--> usb converter here... humm... I know nothing of USB but I know 
> about the RCX and Rev and how the RCX works.
> anyone want help me build a Rev Controled mindstorms lego robot? go 
> RevRover Go!
I would love to be able to do this. I downloaded all the opcodes at one 
point but it fell off the priority list :-( I have used USB to serial 
converters with Rev with great success as they are just considered to 
be serial ports. There is a serial test stack on my web page if you 
want to use it for testing purposes.

sarahr at

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