RevDocs working group (was: Documentation & Books)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 8 22:02:19 CDT 2004

There have been some great ideas about how to enhance the documentation 
for Revolution.  Maybe it's time to do something with all that energy -

I've put together a Yahoo Group for discussion on enhancing the Rev docs:

The aim of the group is to pool the ideas presented here into a draft of 
specific useful recommendations which could be presented to RunRev Ltd. 
for consideration.

Subscription is open to all -- just go to that URL and click "Join this 
Group" and follow the instructions presented.

I already have my hands full with a number of volunteer projects, so 
while I look forward to contributing maybe the first order of business 
would be to select someone to act as moderator for the group; I can set 
them up with moderator permissions from the group and they can take it 
from there.  We can handle moderator selection on that discussion list 
so as to avoid OT posts here about admin issues for that group.

I look forward to seeing all of you who've made suggestions for 
enhancing Rev's docs there...

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
  Rev tools and more:

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