Tall scrolling groups

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jul 8 10:21:08 CDT 2004

Troy Rollins wrote:

> I'm putting together some documentation stacks for my recently finished 
> Rev app. These are mostly long fields of text with  interspersed 
> screenshots, etc. I like Rev's ability to scroll groups, and am using 
> that to create fairly long scrolling streams of content, perhaps 3x the 
> height of the card they are on. But dealing with such a group in 
> authoring is unwieldy.

Depends how deeply groups are nested.  If you have only one group you'll 
find that in most cases you can ungroup it and when you group the 
objects again the name, script, and other group properties are restored.

> Anyone have any tips for working with groups which are taller than the 
> card it is displayed on? Do you temporarily make the stack window as 
> tall as your monitor will allow and then size it down before publishing? 

I don't think I understand that.  What does that do?

> Anything else? What works good in this situation?

You may find it simpler to use inline images in a single field.

If you want the layout control that only a group can provide, a few tips:

1. Set the lockLoc of the group and the objects it contains to true.
    This will help with some scrolling behaviors.

2. If you want to respond to the scroll wheel you may want to put
    an object behind all of the others in the group to catch messages,
    then add this to your group script:

    on rawKeyDown k
      get the vScroll of me
      if k = 65308 then -- scroll wheel up
        set the vScroll of me to (it + 36)
      else if k = 65309 then -- scroll wheel down
        set the vScroll of me to (it - 36)
      else  pass rawKeyDown
    end rawKeyDown

3. You can do a lot with objects when they're grouped by using
    the App Browser and the Inspector with Select Grouped
    Controls set to true.

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