Call for Tutorial Topics

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Thu Jul 8 00:07:00 CDT 2004

Some suggested topics (I'm sure I will have more):

1)  Screenshots from the interface with description of what every 
single item (even the esoteric and obscure ones) means. I guess this 
would be a tutorial on how to navigate the IDE.  [This is the top 
priority IMHO]

2) Simple file I/O  -  I have just put together a demo of this along 
with a description of how to do it. I would be glad to share this.  
[BTW, check page 236 of your book (PDF), Dan--you say you will have 
some demos of reading from files later in the chapter but there aren't 
any there or anywhere from that page forward--unless my PDF is missing 

3) How to create a new card using groups set to act like background -  
someone asked about this on the list a week or two ago and I put 
together a really simple address book stack for him.  This also covered 
the topic of how to save data when running from a standalone (save data 
to a non-standalone stack, as opposed to saving to a file)  Again, I 
would be glad to share this.

3) Arrays

4) Functions  [This is something I sorely need, but admittedly it isn't 
something a beginner would even think of tackling.]

5)  Frankly, I think a few demo stacks showing complete newbies some 
nifty, whiz-bang things they can do with Rev, eg, a Christmas card with 
simple animated fire burning in hearth and Christmas carol playing in 
background, the kind of demos that came with HyperStudio, would also be 
useful if we are trying to attract the interest of newbies who might 
get fascinated enough to spring for the low end version of Rev.  Maybe 
even a few sample buttons with built-in scripts they can use (go prev, 
go next, that sort of thing).

It's well after midnite in my part of the world and I am fading fast.  
I'm sure I will have more ideas.


On Jul 8, 2004, at 12:18 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> As a result of a long and intriguing thread about Rev docs, I have 
> decided to step up and offer to do (or assist others in doing and 
> editing) a bunch of Revolution/Transcript step-by-step tutorials as a 
> contribution to the community from which I have drawn so much.
> Now it's your turn. Please respond to this topic ONLY with your 
> (prioritized if possible) list of topics you feel are important to 
> your needs and not covered by How To's or recipes in the current 
> documentation. After a suitable period has passed and we've gathered 
> enough votes, I'll suggest a list of topics to be tackled, more or 
> less in order.
> If you have partially finished tutorials or stacks that would lend 
> themselves to tutorials but your lack of writing experience or time 
> prevents you from fashioning step-by-steps out of them, let me know 
> that (here or via private email to revdan at and I'll take 
> a look and see if I can help you polish them.
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