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David Squance squance at elkvalley.net
Wed Jul 7 23:27:35 CDT 2004

Thanks for the reply.  However, I'm still a tad confused.  I'm doing this
via script, not keyboard.  At present the script says

  put "ˆ" into fld "xxx"  -- I realize that my checkmark may look weird
because of varying email programs

So if I set the font for the fld to symbol and use

  put "xD6" into fld "xxx"

will a checkmark appear? I don't have a PC around to test with at the moment.

> "v" or alt-221A in Arial(though it never worked.)
> or xD6 in Symbol...
>the windoze equivalent to the mac keyboard is
>MS standards... ;(
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>> Greetings Group,
>> I was testing a standalone (done on a Mac) on Windows XP earlier
>> today, and
>> discovered that a familiar character (option-v to make a checkmark) was
>> something quite different on Windows.  Can someone give me the
>> ASCII number
>> or whatever I need for a checkmark to appear instead of the sparkler (or
>> whatever it is)?
>> Dave
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