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Phil Davis davis.phil at
Wed Jul 7 15:51:51 CDT 2004

Here's a thought:
What would help more, improved docs or an alternate dev interface for

I remember HC as having a [cheesy-looking but] very elementary Home stack.
As I gained ground in my understanding of HC, I started adding my own stuff
to it. Then every time I opened it, its appearance reminded me of my own
improved skills and gave me confidence to explore and learn more. It was a
radical experience!

MC Home had that extensible nature too.

I like Rev fine, but [IMHO] the dev UI is more sophisticated and less
approachable than the others. By design, I think its intended user is the
Developer, not the Newbie. The closest thing to "my own stuff on the HC Home
stack" in Rev would probably be the plug-ins I create. But do Newbies
readily relate to plug-ins? I don't know.

Maybe one thing that would help Newbies is a first-launch plug-in that
serves as a simple sandbox and jumping-off point until they "get it".

Food for thought.
Phil Davis

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