Hiddden files and hybrid CDs

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Wed Jul 7 12:30:40 CDT 2004

Check this:
In explorer -> tools -> options -> View
is the option "show hidden files" set to true?

If not, and then check to properties of the file
on the windows side: is the file's visible flag set?

If it is not and you had set this in toast, then 
toast is toasted... eh, I mean you got a bug issue...


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> I need to produce hybrid CDs which have some files hidden on the 
> Mac side, some hidden on the Window's side, and some hidden that 
> are shared. I am burning using Toast 6 on Mac OS X 10.3. No 
> problem producing the Mac side hidden files and the shared hidden 
> files but on the Windows side the shared files show and the 
> Windows only hidden files lose their hidden status when copied to 
> the Mac for burning. I have been able to find nothing in the Toast help.
> Stu Duncan
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