Another learning by using example Rev file

sims sims at
Wed Jul 7 11:16:49 CDT 2004

Another learning by using example Rev file...

This example Rev file enables you to drag & drop text from a drag & drop
enabled application directly into a field in the Rev example file. Any email
addresses which are contained in the text you dragged over will be
displayed in the field (all other text is discarded).

To download dragDrop demo file go to:
and you will find a download link towards the bottom of the web page.

To use this example learning file:
1. open a text file or make a text file which has a few email addresses in it
2. select the text (or part of it), making sure you select some text 
with email addresses
3. drag & drop the selected text in the field of the file text_dragDrop.rev


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