3D project.

Bob Hartley bob at armbase.com
Wed Jul 7 03:54:26 CDT 2004

At 09:26 07/07/2004, you wrote:

>Thanks for the prompt replies, Mr X and Bob and others,
>Here is the lowdown.
>>What are you wanting to render?
>The project I need to develop involves a new way of rendering perspective. 
>It is simpler than traditional perspective but more sophisticated. Simpler 
>in calculation, but more sophisticated in results.
>I hope to develop this as a license model for big software developers. The 
>language therefore would have to be one that is in wide use existing 3D 
>applications. I work on a Mac, but the platform, as the language, is 
>purely a matter of practicality.

OK matlab is out because you want to create the engine.

Have a look at VTK as an example. http://public.kitware.com/VTK/

There are many toolkits already there eg VTK and FLTK http://www.fltk.org/
Coin http://www.coin3d.org/ adn volsuite 

I'm more used to voxel based rendering instead of vector based rendering. 
Naturally vector is faster.

I'm interested in the outcome of this since I intend to develop a 3D 
biology package in the future.

All the best

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