run Rev app on two networked computers?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Jul 7 03:19:29 CDT 2004


This is a good idea and should work with the following caveats...

1) I'd wrap the write statement with a try/catch handler, because if 
both apps try and write at the same time, it will throw an error as the 
file is locked when opened in an append for write mode (or so I would think)

2) The file would need to reside on a shared volume of some sort. You 
could also probably do the same with FTP, though I belive the 'lock' 
periods would be longer.

In fact, I always prefer storing my data 'agnostically' in text or 
binary format rather than stack files...



Rosli Hassan wrote:

> Kurt,
> another way of doing this (might not be elegant, but
> will probably work..):
> opening a stack on multiple computers should not be a
> problem, as chipp pointed out "...each computer would
> open up the copy of the stack and load it 
> completely in memory. At this point, cards can be
> added, fields filled out, etc,-- but this only happens
> in memory....not the stack."
> So, what you probably need to do then is to have some
> kind of script in the stack that will send the
> data/user input back to the data stack (or even to a
> text file, residing somewhere).  
> example:  (on XP, using append, with path to a local
> file. I believe this can be a file anywhere as long as
> you have the correct path and access to it, --andre &
> chipp: is my assumption correct?).
> on mouseUp
>   put field 1 into myData
>   put the number of lines of field 1 into totX
>   put " " into line totx + 1 of myData 
> -- just so that the next data to come in will always
> -- be on a new line (which from that is up to you
> -- what you want to do with them), maybe have another
> -- stack to read in these txt data and format it 
> -- accordingly.
>   put URL "c:/documents and
> settings/machineName/Desktop/folder1/testPostdata.txt"
> into x
> -- or you can easily change this path to a container
> --(field) of the data stack
>   open file x for append --so old data wont be deleted
>   write myData to file x
>   close file x
> end mouseUp
> Then from 
> Havent got the opportunity to try this, but i believe
> it should work (i hope).  let me know.

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