3D project.

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Tue Jul 6 12:53:09 CDT 2004

Bon soir MisterX,

> Ryno,
> Did you mean a low level language like c or high-level like RR?
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>> Subject: 3D project.
>> I have a project which requires serious high-level programming, way
>> beyond my abilities.
>> I need to build a 3D perspective rendering engine to demonstrate a
>> system I recently developed.
>> The most able programmers that I have come across, and the most 
>> helpful
>> (not a minor consideration), are in this group, and I would appreciate
>> it if anybody who has the required skills would get in touch with me. 
>> I
>> do not know what programming language would best for this project, 
>> this
>> is part of what I have to learn.
>> Ryno.
>> swartart at iafrica.com
>> http://artistvision.org ...a work in progress...
>> (I have posted this same message to the Hypercard group)

I know that it is something for a mid-level language like C++ ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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