RTF mode for fields?

John Rule johnrule at rcsprogramming.com
Sat Jul 3 07:29:50 CDT 2004

> RR says that since the engine supports
> styled text, the current behavior is appropriate

I discovered that part of the problem is the conversion of certain
characters (quotation marks for one) when pasting from (example) Notepad
into a stack field. The quotation marks are sometimes converted to
non-standard characters...

This now reminds me of another text pasting problem I was having with custom
properties. Pasting text into the contents field for a custom property was
consistently stripping characters form my text. Mostly the semi-colon ";" (I
was pasting JavaScript code). I had to manually input all of my line
terminators (pretty annoying) every time I pasted. Maybe this is used as
some internal delimiter?

Windows XP
2.5 engine


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> Subject: Re: RTF mode for fields?
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> On 7/2/04 4:49 PM, John Rule wrote:
> > Is there a way to 'permanently' make a field text only? I am finding
that no
> > matter what I do, when I paste text into a field from (example) NotePad
> > WordPad (and the document is text only), the field in my stack contains
> > text!
> >
> > This is also a problem in the reverse...all text coming from my stacks
> > RTF text (i.e. when I paste from my stack fld to WordPad).
> There's a bug report about this in Bugzilla, but it wasn't verified as a
> real bug the last time I looked. RR says that since the engine supports
> styled text, the current behavior is appropriate. I'd like it better if
> plain text stayed that way, but I can see there might be a problem
> because of font inheritance. If you put plain text into a field and it
> inherits the system font, for example, should that text now be
> considered styled text or not?
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