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>After a tip from
>Monte, I have changed all my splash screen stacks so that they only
>move to the next stack automatically from a "startup" handler.

Funny, I never knew any other method - I don't say this with a sense of 
superiority but simply that I don't know how else to do it. All my 
intialisation is done in a "startup" handler, and testing in the IDE 
usually starts by opening the splash screen and typing

  send "startup" to this stack

into the message box. I am intrigued to know how else other people have 
been doing this - maybe by using an "openStack" handler in the splash?

>Icons: (sorry - OS X only)
>There are some great collections of icons available on the net if you
>look around ( is my fav) but they are not in a form that
>can be specified in the standalone settings for automatic use in your
>app. You can use them by copying & pasting from the get info window. If
>you want to convert them to a .icns file for use by Rev's builder, I
>suggest Iconographer <>
>which can open the downloaded icon files and save them as .icns files.
>I hope this information is useful and if anyone has info on the best
>way to produce icon files for Windows & Mac OS 9, I would be very
>interested to here it.

I've built some good OS9 and Windows XP icons with Iconographer itself. It 
seems well aware of the formats.



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