21 years ahead in math and blocked by a stupid field display bug?

Wouter wouter.abraham at pi.be
Thu Jul 1 11:20:38 CDT 2004

Hi Xav,

Sorry to say but is no bug.
It is the way Scott Raney implemented the wrap in metacard.
Wrap on words. Nothing else.
His way of saying (in a mail years ago) was something like: "No spaces, 
no words, no wraps".

May be a featurerequest to something as a new windowwrap property?
The other limit you will hit is a prime of 64k length (then you'll have 
to add a space ;-)


> 	• 	From: MisterX
> 	• 	 Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:13:32 -0700
> Hi everyone,
> Im about to bring RR 21 years ahead of history:
> Apparently it will take until 2025 to discover a prime number
> with 1,000,000,000 digits.
>  http://www.utm.edu/research/primes/notes/by_year.html
> I found a way to generate this BUT...
> if I display a just a 100 digits number the field which has its
> dontwrap set to false persist in not wrapping this number! EVERY
> other program I can paste this number into will wrap the number
> correctly but not RunRev...
> So am I supposed to do this manually by inserting spaces in between
> and look stupid in front of the scientific community?
> I know I can save the number in a file and not say with what
> progam I did it. But that would not be a good thing for RR...
> Last but not least, I expect RR to crash by the time I get to some
> 2^16 digits... I reported this limit a couple years ago but
> it's probably still not fixed... And naturally saving it each time
> is time consuming when you want to "display" this number and make
> RR famous...
> Has anyone got a solution? put spaces in the number? pffff...
> Anyone's solution is welcome! number formating? sure!
> Testing the number for primality is left as an excercise in case that 
> was
> your question! I assert that it is but dont have the computer power to
> prove so - RR needs a bit more optimization, multithreading to work 
> out a
> network distributed processor for that!
> Nothing RR can do is it? ;)
> No, I dont want to deal with C nor can I afford mathematica...
> A file based stack is coming tonite anyway!
> cheers
> Xavier

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