exe blocking

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Thu Jul 1 11:06:07 CDT 2004

On Jul 1, 2004, at 11:53 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> My guess is that the blocker would allow a ZIPped version of the exe 
> file through just fine. At least that's been the case every time I've 
> run into this problem.

Mail filters at Universities and large institutions can be smarter than 
that. It is no big thing for a server to examine the content of 
attachments, and not difficult to look inside a zip file... nor to 
determine that a .doc is actually an executable... and these folks need 
to do just that. After all, an executable with a .doc extension has a 
term - trojan. Anyone doing that is setting themselves up to be 
filtered, rather than achieving the intended goal. A trojan is a 
trojan, friendly or not. I wouldn't recommend it, or you could also 
find yourself blacklisted.

Better to provide them a download link.
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