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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 1 02:34:00 CDT 2004

Edwin Gore wrote:

> This Zip things sounds veeeery interesting. Is it strictly a "compress this
> folder, compress this file" thing, or can I add a file to an existing zip?
> If so, this could be the file format I have been looking for my Amazon
> affiliate program...I need something that can hold a data file and a couple
> of hundred graphic files in one file.

The beauty of the Zip format is that it's widely used, so a great many 
tools can decompress it (including Stuffit Expander and Winzip).

But if you have control over both compression and decompression remember 
that Rev's built-in gzip is very efficient, and you can store data in 
custom property arrays.  Using those together gives you very efficient 
storage of nearly any number of files archived into a compact stack file 
that allows you quick access to any of its stored file contents easily.

If Mac Finder info is important (creator and type codes) you can get 
those from "the detailed files" and store them in a matching custom 
property set.  If you set the fileType to those stored values before 
writing out the contents of the compressed file data to disk, those 
files will have the appropriate type and creator code restored.

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