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At 18:09 30/06/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>sez bob at armbase.com:
> >I could do with a couple of pointers in the next direction. I dont expect
> >a code snippet, since I find it better to learn by browsing but I could do
> >with a little prodding in the right direction. When I add textboxes, for
> >example, using the button, they are all on top of each other and not
> >moveable or resizeable, Is there a command that will allow them to be moved
> >and or resized after insertion?
>    *E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G* can be moved and/or resized at *A*N*Y* time.
>Relocating fields (or whatever else) can be done with this command:

Hi Cubist

I should have included more of the original text in my reply to Jacqueline 
ad Klaus.

I was looking for a way to have the size an location changed after 
compilling ot a .exe.

Does your system below work?

All the best

>   set the location of field "Fred" to 25,100
>    Naturally, you'll want to replace " field 'Fred' " with the specific
>object you *want* to relocate, and you'll also want to replace "25,100" 
>with the
>actual location you want to move whatever-it-is to. The neat bit is, you 
>can put
>stuff into variables and do things like "set the location of ThisItem to
>NewLocation" !
>    As for resizing, that, too, is fairly simple:
>   set the rectangle of field "Fred" to 10,20,30,40
>    Or, if you prefer, "set the rectangle of ThisItem to ThisRectangle" will
>also work, provided that ThisItem and ThisRectangle are variables that 
>the right sort of data.
>    Hope this helps...
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