Aargh printing

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Sun Aug 29 10:27:30 EDT 2004

I'm having difficulty with a printing situation...

Rev 2.2.1,  Mac OS 10.3.4

I have a field containing columns of data, formatted by script using 
spaces... the textFont of the field is set to 9 point Monaco, so fixed 
width, to keep the columns straight.

Using revPrintField, the result on paper is larger (I'd say 10 point) 
and the the font, even though clearly still monaco, is clearly not 
fixed width...the columns are now 'wavy'.

Resetting the fontSize of the field before printing, and resetting 
again, afterwards, like this :

on doPrinting
   set the textSize of fld "pList" to 8
   set the printMargins to "30,30,30,30"
   revShowPrintDialog false,true
   if the result is "Cancel" then exit to top
   revPrintField the name of fld "pList"
   set the textSize of fld "pList" to 9
end doPrinting

solves the size problem, but the columns are still wavy.

Copying the text into textEdit and printing from there solves the wavy 
columns problem, but the fontSize is now reduced to 8 point. (Typing 
directly into textEdit and printing seems to be fine...)

Simply printing the card, with it's controls and everything (which I 
don't want), shows the columns nice and straight, but the font size is 
now even bigger, at 12 points, I'd say.

Printing to a PDF shows all the same problems, so I don't think it's 
the printer (an HP5552).

Any ideas anyone?



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