need advise on grid like control...

Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Fri Aug 27 00:22:24 EDT 2004

On Thursday, August 26, 2004, at 12:06 PM, Hershel Fisch wrote:

> What is the docking handler ?
> Hershel

>> Don't hurry on my account. I don't need it. I would just work on the 
>> docking handler if I had nothing better to do. (I wish)
>> Mark

It's a reference to a possible library of duplicatable functions that 
would doc individual fields into columns and rows and size them 
properly based on border sizes for each row or column. It should also 
set line hight and font types and sizes. It should probably be done as 
an array or set of arrays and stored using a pull-parser in MTML. :-) 
There should also be global attributes for column formatting. All this 
should be like a spreadsheet layout processor. It should even handle 
the naming conventions for each field with names like r1c1, r2c1, r1c2, 
etc... It should even handle math attributes for running calculations 
from one field, ranges of fields into another field or fields. In other 
words it should be a stack that acts like a storable spreadsheet. 
Having object control over individual field objects could lead to 
extremely powerful acting spreadsheets.

Now there's a bit of work for the person that has nothing better to do.


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