RevZilla - What Should Be Done Next?

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Aug 26 22:03:56 EDT 2004

On 8/26/04 8:21 PM, "Bill" <bill at> wrote:

> Please fix it so that the update function which loads the pop-up buttons
> always works. I can't use Revzilla anymore to post a bug because it will say
> "Retreving data from Bugzilla" but never load it into the pop-up buttons.
>  Version 1.1.2

This is probably because you haven't logged into *Bugzilla* in a while.
Unfortunately, the cookies expire and I don't know how to log into Bugzilla
from RevZilla, so if you don't have working popup menus, go to Options and
click "Login to Bugzilla" and log in using your web browser. The next time
you run RevZilla (assuming it hasn't been weeks), the popups should refresh.

Speaking of that, does anyone know how to log into Bugzilla *directly*
without using stored cookies?

> Also when reporting bugs with the 2.5b2 we are supposed to upload the
> compressed log. It would be nice if we had a button for that..

Ah... attachments. I'll add that to the list.


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