Link to an Educational Stack

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at
Thu Aug 26 21:03:50 EDT 2004

Alejandro Tejada has been kind enough to help me post one of my 
educational stacks on his server space:

This is one of my simpler stacks, but effective.  It does not teach the 
students from scratch, the teacher does that.  Instead it gives the 
students practice with the concept so they can feel comfortable with it 
and remember it.

The stacks cover many high school subjects and could be adapted to 
lower grades.  I also have stacks written in HyperStudio if anyone is 
interested in those.

I have included the .rev stack and the standalone for Windows.  If 
there is interest in my type of stacks, perhaps I can post them one at 
a time.  Feel free to contact me off list too if you want.

Mark Greenberg
English Teacher

PS  The New York Times featured me and this teaching approach in the 
Circuit section last Thursday (front page).  That's me in the picture.

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