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At 23:08 25.08.2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I have a problem that I think is related to text encoding, and I'm looking
>for suggestions.
>Here is the issue:
>(A) I wrote a HyperCard stack years ago to teach the International Phonetic
>Alphabet to students using games.
>(B) I used the excellent PalPhon font to display the IPA characters.
>(C) This year I decided to port the stack to Mac OS X, and hopefully
>Windows, using RunRev.
>(D) I switched to a newer font, IPAPhon, built by the original author of
>PalPhon. It comes in both Mac and Windows TrueType versions; since OS X can
>use either format, I used the windows TTFs for maximum compatibility).
>(E) I do all my work on a Mac running OS X, but I have access to RunRev for
>Windows and a decent Windows 2000 PC.

On my Windows XP there is no trace of IPAPhon, so I guess it is not part of 
the preinstalled fonts. If your students work in a Windows lab, you have to 
install the font on the computers.

I have chosen this strategy: When students have to work with phonetical 
symbols at home computers, I have always avoided to let them have to 
install any fonts. Instead I have done the development on the platform with 
the phonetical font, in this case on Mac. Then - for each symbol I have 
used Import --> Snapshot to create a small image of it. Voilà, no more need 
for having phonetical fonts present on either platform.

Hope this may give you some ideas to go on with.
Signe Marie Sanne

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