FTP Download Problem

Jerry Daniels jerry at daniels-mara.com
Wed Aug 25 18:56:56 EDT 2004


I'm trying to download a stack from my server at IPowerWeb using xTalk 
in an application, It does not throw an error, but, instead, downloads 
a file with 0 bytes. My xTalk looks something like this:

     put URL theRemoteURL into URL theLocalURL

I can upload with no problems using the same URLs (in reversed 
positions, of course). If I change my download to an HTTP one, it works 
flawlessly. These are small to medium sized files, so I don't think 
that in this case "size matters." <GRIN>

I've also tried the libURL call "libURLDownloadToFile" and get 
identical results to my script above.

I've thought maybe it's the way my server is configured. I've added the 
mime type for .rev files. I can download files from my server using its 
own web-based services, so I know it's possible.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice.


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