Rev as memory-resident database

SimPLsol at SimPLsol at
Wed Aug 25 09:43:39 EDT 2004

We have been experimenting with small databases (50 to 100 meg.) and, so far, 
like the results. It takes a long time to load the data into RAM and a long 
time to save it back to disk in Rev. but while it is in RAM it runs FAST.
A modern computer should be able to hold many large databases in memory.
I think archives, for most companies, probably do not need to be loaded into 
memory. They can be accessed from disk (which in Rev. means being loaded into 
RAM) as needed (and purged from memory when closed).
Initially we were quite concerned about the volatility of RAM. But 
solid-state memory (with proper UPS backup) is probably safer than a mechanical 
Winchester disk.
Keep in touch.
Paul Looney

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