Binary search : was Re: shilling for my feature request [1926]

Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Mon Aug 23 11:25:07 EDT 2004

On Monday, August 23, 2004, at 08:02 AM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Note - for this purpose, you NEED to have your offsets stored as 
> lines, not items, because if you try to put 1 million items into a 
> variable you'll run into the limit on the number of characters in a 
> line.
> (took me a while to spot that one - couldn't figure out why I was 
> creating 1 million items but there were only about 9500 of them when I 
> was done !)

I discovered this problem in my blowfish version. I used comma & space 
to create items that could wrap so that the line length issue was 


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