Stack is momentarily solid white (flicker) - OSX

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Sun Aug 22 04:34:23 EDT 2004


> 1. I set the loc of the stack to "-5000,-5000"
>  2. Then I set did a "go to the stack"
> 3. Then I moved the stack to the  desired location
> No flicker of any kind. But there is a  caveat:
> This works great with any stack as long as its style is  not modal or is 
> not being made modal by the modal command.

Try  putting this script in the stack opening window...
on preopenstack
  setBuffer FALSE
end preOpenStack
on openStack
  send "setBuffer TRUE" to me in 30
end openStack
on setBuffer flag
set the alwaysBuffer of this stack to  flag
if not flag then set the bottomRight of this stack to  -100,-100
else set the loc of this stack to the screenLoc
end  setBuffer

This should solve the situation for any style of window. Please  let me know.

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