OT: Virtual PC vs "Real" PC

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Testing linux on a pc in vmware is also nice...

And with the virtual nets or connections, it's just 
like using a terminal server, no drop in performance, 
near real time refresh over gigabit nets!

But not for newbies who dont RT[F]M... Dar, I dont know
how you managed, but we run VMW virtual clusters over 
multidomains, virtual LANs with AD and DFS and no such
probs as you descripbe!

We had a few gurus, budget for consultants and the right
hardware though. VMW is not for the weak of budget or 
occasional PC user either! Hardware is 2-4 GBs
of RAM, NAS or lots of RAID storage, and definitely a Gb
network recommented for a reasonable performance to use
Window 2K3. HP has a config with blade servers runnning
VMWs... Quite nice but I still prefer metaframes or 
Terminal servers over W2K[3]. Cheaper and faster... But
not as flexible.

In comparison, using Terminal server, all you need is a
P4, 256MBs of ram, and a fast network to have good 

BTW, Do you need a RR license for each instance of RR 
you run?

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> > Besides, VPC compared to VMWare is like a toy car compared to
> > a real car. HP sells VPC as a virtual server now if this puts
> > you in the picture. We use it a work to validate clusters and
> > run experimental system installs. But vmware doesn't work on
> > macs unfortunately.
> If you primarily develop for x-plat on a Mac, I would say that having 
> VMware running on an additional x86 box would give you an excellent 
> testing area for multiple Rev supported operating systems. With VMware, 
> you can have multiple OS' running simultaneously, including various 
> flavors of Linux and WinXP, Win2K, WinMe, NT, bla bla bla. Basically 
> anything that was designed for X86 hardware. I have used VMware from 
> within Linux to run Windows Me, and there was practically no drop in 
> performance compared to booting directly into a native x86 OS. Of course 
> because you are running them simultaneously, you do have to share system 
> resources.
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