OT: Virtual PC vs "Real" PC

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Aug 21 10:08:28 EDT 2004

> M$ bought VPC and  they killed Real PC.
> They are going to use the powerpc chipset in their new Xbox.
> And .... they are going to use VPC as emulator.....

Sounds like Steve Jobs and PowerComputing to me ;)
Besides, VPC compared to VMWare is like a toy car compared to
a real car. HP sells VPC as a virtual server now if this puts
you in the picture. We use it a work to validate clusters and
run experimental system installs. But vmware doesn't work on
macs unfortunately.

> "Microsoft will use the Virtual PC technology it acquired from 
> Connectix last year to provide backward-compatibility with the current 
> generation of Xbox games."

MAME will do that too surely ;)

> If the speedbump for VPC in the Xbox is also ported to the VPC for the 
> mac, may be VPC will become really useful.
> (If M$ is not going to release this technology may be geeks will 
> extract it from the Xbox ;-)

Doubtful since an xbox uses an intel chipset and doesn't need to do
any instruction translations for the PPC...

> Dreaming on...

as you say!

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