Send variables back to Rev from Applescript

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Fri Aug 20 15:35:12 EDT 2004


Works great on my end, too. (although the number of memos returned is 
one more than the number Palm Desktop thinks are there--but I'm sure 
that's a function of an error in the AppleScript--I suspect in the line 
that increments the counter)

So now we know it CAN be done. Thanks so much everyone.  You guys are 
great--not only do you help with Rev scripts, you debug other people's 
AppleScripts!  Amazing!

Thanks again, everyone,


> Marian, I got Palm Desktop and tried the code in Script Editor and got 
> an
> access error in trying to access the memo with "item loopIndex of 
> memos".
> When I changed the code to this:
> tell application "Palm Desktop"
>     set numberOfMemos to count of memos
>     set memoMemos to {}
>     set loopIndex to 1
>     -- find all Memo Pad Memos (memos with no attachments) and put 
> them in
> memoMemos
>     repeat with x from 1 to numberOfMemos
>         set theMemo to memo x
>         if (count of attachments of theMemo) is 0 then
>             set end of memoMemos to theMemo
>         end if
>         set loopIndex to loopIndex + 1
>     end repeat
>     return loopIndex
> end tell
> It worked in Script Editor. I then tried it by pasting it into a Rev 
> field
> and did "do fld 1 as applescript;put the result" and it came back with 
> the
> same number.
> Try it on your end...
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