bug reporting for 2.5B2

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Aug 19 15:16:35 EDT 2004

Thanks Kevin, that's clear..

Just in case any newbies are lurking on this thread. Don't take these 
comments the wrong way. Make not mistake about it: Revolution is the 
best tool on the market and my favorite oftware and  has allows us to 
do things (as non-programmers) that we would have otherwise had to hire 
out for 100's of thousands of dollars.

OK back on point here. Focus on issues..

Re drag and drop problem, yes, using 2.5B2 and no didn't copy plug ins 
folder but yes did copy "some" plug ins that I use.

I will send it another bug report... as I depend on this facility quite 
heavily (ability to get a full path from a file drop to a field that 
copies it to the clipboard.

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami
Himalayan Academy Publications
at Kauai's Hindu Monastery
katir at hindu.org

>> So I reported a bug that continues to persist in 2.5B2:
>> Drop file from finder on a field which traps the drop, not only 
>> returns
>> the path to the file (intended behavior.. I use this all the time, all
>> day long) but creates a field and posts the data from the file into 
>> the
>> field.  so, if I get the path for a 80 mg psd file... rev tries to put
>> all that binary data into the field. Crashes of course.
> Are you sure you are using 2.5B2?  There is no script in B2 that does 
> that,
> its not an engine behavior, so check your scripts, or that you haven't
> copied the old "plug ins" folder from a previous release.

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