Questions about Altbrowser and SVG

jbv jbv.silences at
Wed Aug 18 17:01:46 EDT 2004

Hi folks,

Not so long ago, someone posted a message about
the use of Altbrowser and SVG in a Rev stack
(sorry if I don't remember who it was, I just kept
this link :

I have to make a decision (and have very little time
before I can give an answer to my client) about the
possible use of vector graphics made with SVG in
a Rev app (actually the project is to refurbish some
app I wrote about 2 years ago with MC 2.4.1, and
I might consider re-using that version of MC).

I am familiar with SVG. The questions I have are
mostly related to the best way to embed Altbrowser,
the SVG plugin and an MC standalone, and to the
best way to distribute it on a CD-Rom :

1) according to what I read on the above mentioned
HTML page, the SVG graphics display inside an img
control (which is what I do when interfacing Rev with
openGL), and therefore can be mixed with other controls
(graphics, fields, other imgs...), right ?

2) the window in which the SVG stuff displays is a regular
stack window, right ? Which means that I can use it as a
splashscreen, or as my default stack, and set the decorations
of that window like any other stack ?

3) how fast does the SVG stuff refresh ? can I expect to do
animated vector graphics by rendering successive SVG scripts
several times per second ?

4) how can the whole thing be distributed ? The ideal situation
for me would be to have all required elements (the standalone,
the SVG plugin and the Altbrowser DLL) installed on the CD-Rom,
with no installation of anything on the end-user HD...
And last but not least, what about copyright ? does the Altwrowser
licence fee allow that ?

I would really apreciate if anyone familiar with the subject could
answer the above questions, and give me any detailed infos that
could help me make a decision. As said before, time is critical...
Basically, the final decision will consist in a choice between SVG
and Flash... And to tell the truth, I have the feeling that I could get
more realtime control on the displays with SVG... I have used Flash
anims in Rev projects before, but haven't really been satisfied with
the results...

Thanks in advance,

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