checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

moe2 at moe2 at
Tue Aug 17 18:30:08 EDT 2004

i have not posted the script because i am still in a struggle with it ...
this is the way to learn RR. i am retired so i have lots of time to spend at
this. i will post as soon as i get it working or when i am totally
exasperated. i want to share the working script with all here at RR ...
especially the beginners with RR ... those how do not think this is easy and
common :-)

maybe what i post will get included in the RR documentation since it is not
as simple as: 

    set the checkMark of menuItem "sub sub menuItem" \
    of menu "sub menu" of button "whatever" to \
    not the checkMark of menuItem "sub sub menuItem" \
    of menu "sub menu" of button "whatever"

to toggle a checkMark before a cascade menuItem

thank you for this comment Jeanne A. E. DeVoto

i have also been inspired by some of your postings in the past, thank you
for those too



on 2004/08/16 8:57 AM, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto at revolution at

> At 3:52 PM -0700 8/15/2004, moe2 at wrote:
>> you are correct ... to be able to check and uncheck menuItems in a cascading
>> menu (also, that these cascade menuItems are in a button with other
>> menuItems)
>> as for "easy to do in Rev."  ... this i have yet to see!
>> so far i have not been able to do this
> Moe, posting your code that is not having the desired effect will
> probably make this process much quicker.

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