Revolution seems ideal for Linux GUIs

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Tue Aug 17 01:56:33 EDT 2004

Hello Paul,

As an example, Revo is the only tool i use to build my PostgreSQL's 
management tools (as a dedicated n-tier front-end/application server 
networked app), from DB creation to pg_dumps ;) Best, this way let me 
get the best from the "object oriented" features of Postgres.

Le 17 août 04, à 01:54, Paul Arnott a écrit :

> Hello again,
> Having played around with different versions of Linux, it seems that 
> the biggest impediment to uptake is a lack of GUI tools to perform 
> tasks like maintaining servers and the like. I've since found a fairly 
> good solution in the form of Webmin, which uses a browser interface to 
> do these sort of jobs in a graphical environment. Webmin is written is 
> a bunch of CGI programs written in Perl, and is an excellent tool.
> However, having only recently discovered the wonderful world of 
> Revolution, it would seem that there is a huge market for Rev 
> applications that would perform tasks usually done through a command 
> line. Is Rev able to drop stuff into a shell?
> Cheers
> Paul
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