Windows MIDI conversion question

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Mon Aug 16 18:42:10 EDT 2004

--- "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at>

> >>mci & mciSendString()
> >>mci MIDI in 3 steps
> >>
> >>these use MIDI files. is there a Windows way
> >>to convert xTalk commands like
> >>play "60q 62e 64e" -- to MIDI files?
> It works on Mac by sending Apple Events to a
> tiny custom translation 
> app. But it doesn't work on Windows because it
> is AppleScript, and Eric 
> is looking for a Windows solution.
> The user contributions page on Rev's web site
> has a stack by UDI called 
> "makeSMF v1.3" which may work. I haven't worked
> with it much, but if I 
> remember right it needs to write a file to
> disk. I don't know if that 
> would be fast enough for "live" music creation
> but it is worth a look.

i believe UDI is mac only
Kurt Kaufmans bundled mac stack is also good.

shakobox can also be used to play different
musical events simultaneously. Fun!

we (I) desperately need Shakobox for Windows.

Erik Hansen

erik at

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