RR Competition?

Marian Petrides mpetrides at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 16 12:22:53 EDT 2004

Unless I am missing something, this is Mac only.  Who wants to create 
apps that are Mac only, when the majority of the market out there is 
still Windows?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mac, insist on my apps being available on 
Mac OS 9 and OS X and wouldn't consider designing/programming my apps 
on a Windows machine.  It's just that the ability to create 
crossplatform apps is a crucial part of what I need and I think that's 
true of others, as well.

Even if there were no Revolution out there, I wouldn't even consider 
this until they have at least a Windows player. And then, I would need 
to see that Windows player actually WORK with my stacks (apropos of the 
text line-up problems reported here and elsewhere when apps made for 
one platform are ported to the other).  If it looks pretty on Mac and I 
have no way to make it look pretty in Win player then it's dead in the 

My 2 pfennings.


On Aug 16, 2004, at 10:49 AM, Rick Harrison wrote:

> Hi there,
> Are these guys the competition to Revolution?
> Has anyone played around with it?
> Is it a threat yet?
> Thanks,
> Rick Harrison
> See below:
> HyperNext 1.3 from TigaByte Software is a visual software
> development system that can help you build Macintosh applications,
> plug-ins, and stacks that run on the free HyperNext Player. This
> version includes new network commands and controls, such as
> checkboxes, radio buttons, and popup menus. It also features
> enhancements to graphical performance and REALbasic scripting.
> http://www.tigabyte.com/
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