Is this a Rev bug, or what am I missing?

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Mon Aug 16 12:12:38 EDT 2004

log "Creating installation  folder " & what
create folder  what
if the result <>"" then log "Creating installation folder  err:" & the result

Let us know the outcome, Frank.

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How do I check that though?  Where are  errors in the "create folder" 
statement reported?

Would "the result"  provide that?  The documentation does not seem clear 
on this.

I  suppose I could always check again (if there is a folder what then) 
after  the "create folder" statement, but if there is a result code, I 
would prefer  to use that.

I will try this, I suppose, and see what I am getting back  as a result.

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