Is this possible in RR?

Paul paul at
Sun Aug 15 20:43:18 CDT 2004

Dear list,
As a complete programming newbie, first I should say, that I'm glad to 
be in a community that actually welcomes us newbies, even try to attract 
us, thanks!!!.
I haven't bought a Rev license yet as I'm not (100%) sure the 
application I'm planning is possible in Revolution, so I have a few 
questions that I hope someone will help with!!!
The company I'm looking to design the application for, is a vertically 
integrated cattle company, meaning they have breeding properties, 
feedlots and an abattoir (slaughterhouse)


1.What I'm hoping to do is build a system where each of the breeding 
properties can record enter cattle weight (and other) details,and have 
the application work out an individual's daily weight gain and forecast 
future weights.

Question: These records would typically be over 5000 animals with 
possibly 20 to 30 records each. Would I use a SQL database, XML, Arrays, 
or cards to store the data? (sorry, I've still a lot to learn, 

2.This info needs to be accessable over the web by the feedlot, so that 
the manager can forecast his feed requirements well in advance of the 
cattle arriving, similarly the slaughterhouse needs access so they can 
'forward sell' the resulting meat. They would also be inputting weight 
and carcass and price data for feedback to the breeders. (who also need 

3. Web access can be flaky in the more remote areas, so I don't want a 
typical 'web application', rather something more along the lines of the 
excellent GoRevnet. That is, I would need the program to be able to 
operate as a local application, then by clicking a button, connect to a 
server, synchronise with the database, and upload 'new' information and 
download 'new' information, automatically

4. The info would need to be segregated by password so that indiviual 
breeders would only have access to their own info, but head office would 
have access to everything. Similarly the feedlot could access the 
breeder records but not slaughterhouse records.

5. It would also need some fairly flexible reporting functionality

I know the first thing ppl will say is to 'try something less 
complicated first and work up to a project like this', which is what I 
will do, but although I think this can be done in Rev, I don't want to 
buy a license, without knowing that it can eventually done.
Thanks in advance

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