checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

moe2 at moe2 at
Sun Aug 15 15:24:45 EDT 2004

>> so Mr. Gaskin show me that RR  script can be written
>> to check and uncheck the
>> example in the  documentation !
>> i say RR has a bug here, but i dont want to
>> be to cocky about this since you people are the RR guru's
>>  and know RR inside and out
>> ... i thought this would take less than a minute of your time

> This is a discussion  list, not a scripting service.

my sincere apologies for using this site to debug your software. i was
writing in to verify my findings BEFORE putting in a bugzilla that would
have wasted your (an RR persons) time if my findings were incorrect

> If you want a scripting service, Revolution  offers this for a fee.

perhaps my challenge to you was to strong, ... "show me that ..."
and directed to you. i have been reading your responses for a long time and
had admired your thoughtful frequent response

i should have just asked if someone has been able to get RR to do this, i
will be more careful in the future

> Otherwise, individual list members offer help and  guidance
> according their abilities and understanding of the
> problem but are  under no obligation to do so.

very sorry for coming across as though i had an expectation of an
obligation. no such expectation was intended. this was simply a plea (and a
bit of a challenge) for help after ³days² of winding my way through how
transcript manipulates menus ... essentially your thought process since you
contributed to the creation of RR

... no charge for finding this bug in transcript and the RR documentation

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