Educational uses for Rev

Judy Perry jperryl at
Sun Aug 15 14:27:38 EDT 2004

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> > As for some of them being 'authorities', well, remember that
> > two of them claimed that Hypercard was 'a cheap rip-off' or
> > 'knock-off' of Visual Basic...
> If you need to embarass 'em you can wait till they say that at a meeting
> and point out that Visual Basic was prototyped on a Mac using SuperCard
> (heard it from a Microsoft employee).

--well, actually, I already committed that faux pas... on the very first
meeting of my master's group, where the individual did indeed make that
grand, sweeping pronouncement.  For my astonished stammering to the
contrary, I was kinda blacklisted for the full two years of the program.
And Mike Swain sending the offending individuals a very, shall we say,
*pointed* email advising them of their inaccuracies probably didn't help
my social standing, either ;-)

> > and that VBA = Visual Basic Analogue...
> Frightening.  And sad, considering how many knowledgeable and talented
> people have trouble finding work in these tough times, while people like
> that have "anti-jobs" (in which they get paid to provide the opposite of
> useful goods and services <g>).



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