sound in revolution nr. 666

Bruce Laidlaw wbl at
Sun Aug 15 06:03:35 EDT 2004

Thanks, guys,

I've changed the script to 'play audioclip "applause.wav"' and imported 
the sound as a control. However, it now doesn't work on Mac.

Do I need to have two versions of each sound? I would then use the 
systemVersion to see what operating system the program is on.

I don't particularly want to have two versions of the runrev stack, one 
for mac and one for windows. Is that what everone else does?

PS. Klaus, my street number is 666. How did you know?

Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Bruce,
>> Hi, Steve, Judy, Klause,
>> Sorry, I've only been have half-attending/understanding. I have a HC 
>> stack with the line
>> play "applause"
>> "Applause" was just a HC sound file. Translated into Rev the new 
>> stack works fine on Mac and Windows.
>>  However the only Windows machine I can test it on has QT intalled.
>> Are you saying this won't work if QT is not installed in the Windows 
>> machine?
> No :-)
>> If I change the script to 'play audioclip "applause.wav"' AND install 
>> a "applause.wav" into
>> my Rev stack then it should play fine on Windows machines without 
>> Quicktime?
> Yes :-)
> But you cannot mix then, means you cannot use "play ac xyz" AND QT 
> player objects in the
> same project on windows!
> If you use the command "play ac xyz" then the engine uses:
>> ...that uses QT, which although much slower and more memory intensive 
>> can play many
>> more formats than the default play command which uses low-level sound 
>> routines in
>> Win32 and MacOS which don't support compression.
>> Posted 9/2/2002 by Scott Raney to the MetaCard List
> But if you use "player" objects, the engine tries to use QT, if 
> installed, and WMP
> (WinMediaPlayer) if not...
>> Steve, what do you mean by "One has to script the player bit...."?
>> Thanks
>> Bruce
> Regards
> Klaus Major

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