checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 15 02:43:06 EDT 2004

moe2 at wrote:

 > of course one should be able script menus with cascading menus ...
 > and the scripter should be able to allow the user to place a
 > checkmark before menu items and before the cascade menus also

Where in any HIG is there a recommendation to put a checkmark before a 
cascading menu?  Or even an app that exibits this behavior?

Of course there are many examples of checkmarks next to menu items, even 
submenu items, but I don't believe I've ever seen an app that puts a 
checkmark next to a menu or submenu itself.

This seems appropriate, given that a checkmark notes an active setting; 
when a menu has its own menu items but the checkmark is placed in the 
menu itself, what would it signify?

 > where in the RR documentation is there a reference to "parent" ?

I don't believe "parent" is a keyword.

However, searching for "checkmark" with the Search Documentation tool 
yields eight items in v2.2, with "Recipe for checkMarking a menu item" 
probably the best bet for what you're looking for.

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