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Sat Aug 14 16:29:36 EDT 2004

On 13.08.2004, at 20:21, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> If I had nothing but time on my hands I've been itching to make an 
> iShell-like IDE just to show off the engine's versatility.  But with 
> so many folks already enjoying Rev, even if I somehow got the time I'd 
> probably implement it as a plugin so folks could use it easily within 
> their favorite IDE.

you are in the third year promising that;))

Sometimes in life everybody could/has/should think not only in time and 
money. I know thats very hard to understand for you americans, but 
there is a bit more in life than time and money...

I know you are one of the best scripter here and you did a great tool 
with MC, what needs much more than scripting...

Whats abgout finding 15 minutes a day and wasting them to show us (me 
Dummy) how that unfulfilled promise can be realized anytime. If it 
takes monthes half a year or more... it doesnt matter. Better we have 
it in a year then never. I would like to participate with at least 15 
minutes (not scripting of course;)), and I m sure here are more nice 
guys and gals, which are also ready to waste that 15 minutes.

One more thought: Think not only iShell. Think about the other great 
GUI idea too: the mTropolis or Apple´s new Motion. Ist the same thing: 
drag prescripted icons to the controls and give them life. Let them do 
whats written inside the icaons in transcript. (they should be 
doubleclickable to open the editor to adapt them for the more advanced 
Users). Any control could be dragged like that. Check MistralMovie for minutes and you will 
know what I mean. It lacks the possiblitiy of scripting, what its 
bigger brother Qucikmedia has, but has a more modern GUI, hence it 
gives a good impression how that mTropolis GUI could look today.

We could  abuse the rev dox list and form a small group, and make a 
list how this can be realized and everybody selects a different job. 
Maybe we can anytime get a small fee for that. But we can surely do a 
lot for the educational/newbie market.

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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