Table fields... oh boy.

Troy Rollins troy at
Fri Aug 13 22:49:59 EDT 2004

On Aug 13, 2004, at 9:55 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> I'm sure there must be a property not being set, or something, but I 
> don't know which one it is. Anyone have a table tutorial stack, or 
> advise on how to make a multi-column field which behaves like a proper 
> table?

Incidentally, the sample contained in Chipp Walters' (very cool) 
altFieldHeader plugin shows the same issue, you can tab past the right 
hand edge of the table, causing a horizontal scroll, which the header 
cannot stay aligned with.

Specifically, the issue is with editable fields which are supposed to 
work like tables (cell editing or not). The documentation says that as 
of Rev 2.2, tables can show only a subset of their columns if desired, 
but it doesn't seem to elaborate of how this is accomplished. I haven't 
figured that one out yet either, or if it would help in the issue 
RPSystems, Ltd.

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