Table fields... oh boy.

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sat Aug 14 13:31:03 EDT 2004

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004 02:25:58 -0400, Troy Rollins <troy at> wrote:


>  but I encourage folks to jump on Bugzilla
>and add your voice to this important feature request...
>57 votes so far!

OK, I added my 5, but I couldn't remember to add an additional 
comment to Bguzilla (it only seems possible to add an attachment like 
a patch?!). I note tho that the comments which are there are fairly 
'advanced'. What about much more basic functionality like a message 
being sent every time the user changes the contents of a cell or 
every time the user tabs from one cell to another: similarly, how is 
the script supposed to detect that a set of cells has been selected 
and whether it's contiguous or not? You can see that my mind is 
running along spreadsheet lines... maybe all this has been thought of 
and I've missed it (it is hard for me to keep up with digests just at 
present), but I don't want the simple stuff to be neglected.

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