Table fields... oh boy.

Troy Rollins troy at
Fri Aug 13 21:55:18 EDT 2004

Hey all,

I'm playing with fields that are supposed to work like multi-column 
tables. I must be missing whatever the secret is, as they just don't 
seem to be behaving properly. This is really my first foray with them, 
and something is just not right. I also tested them in the beta1, and 
didn't really notice any difference, so I bring it here.

The table should have 3 columns. I've accomplished this via setting tab 
stops... 292,425,691 (691 is actually just off the right hand edge, 
otherwise the last column gets a column separator right inside of it.)

In the "Table palette" of the PI, I have Table Object, hGrid, and vGrid 
selected. Though Table object selected or not doesn't seem to make any 
difference in the behavior.

Vertical scrollbar is turned on, Horizontal is off. LockLoc is on.

The problem - the table object seems to have a will of its own when it 
comes to horizontal size, adding columns to some arbitrary size that I 
can't figure out where it is getting it, turning on its H scrollbar, 
and scrolling sideways when tab is pressed.

I'm sure there must be a property not being set, or something, but I 
don't know which one it is. Anyone have a table tutorial stack, or 
advise on how to make a multi-column field which behaves like a proper 


RPSystems, Ltd.

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